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Operator. Growth partner.

I remove the blockers to growth for entrepreneurs and business owners by custom-solving operational and financial problems.

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You are:

Entrepreneur. Business owner.

Questions for you

1. Busywork hours

How many hours per week do you spend on non-revenue generating activities?

2. The cost of your time

What is one hour of your time worth?

3. Lost revenue

How much business do you lose per week because you don’t get back to potential clients in time?

Calculating the cost to your business

( busywork hours x cost of your time ) + lost revenue = weekly cost to your business
x 52 = annual cost to your business

Can you afford to be wasting this money?

How I can help

This 3-step process is the approach I take with all new clients.
It gives you an understanding of how I can deliver the most value for you

1. Understand
  • Your story
  • Your vision
  • Your problems
2. Identify
  • Quick wins
  • Bottlenecks for growth
  • How much busywork costs you

3. Plan
  • What we’re going to achieve
  • How we’re going to do it
  • When we’ll achieve it by


Choose the service that fits you best. Schedule a call to learn more.


1-on-1 business support

£100 / hour

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  • Business operations and finance consultancy
  • Focussed on helping you identify blockers to growth
  • Delivered remotely
  • Ad-hoc engagement


Your solver of pain points

£2,000 / 4-day's work

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  • 45% discount on Hourly package
  • Execution of specific elements of the plan, identified in the Discovery phase
  • Focussed on building the foundations of the business
  • In-person meetings available
  • Fixed-term engagement


Your growth partner

POA based on requirement

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  • Price on application (POA) as per requirements
  • Continuous development and execution of the plan, identified in the Discovery phase
  • Focussed on facilitating and accelerating the growth of the business
  • In-person meetings available
  • Rolling-monthly engagement

Why me?

In summary, I solve large operational and financial problems.

I understand the frustration of spending time on tasks where you don’t add value, on tasks which you don’t feel contribute to the vision. That’s where I come in.

For over a decade I’ve spent my time analysing, understanding, solving and implementing solutions for those problems, removing the blockers to growth and allowing those around me to focus on what they’re awesome at. I facilitate talented people to achieve great things.

What I don’t do

  • Tell you what your problems are
  • Focus on the short term
  • Apply fix-all solutions

We’ll work well together if…

  • Obstacles inspire your innovation and growth
  • You focus on possibilities not limitations
  • Challenges ignite your creativity, not your fears

I thrive working with people who have a can-do mindset. Is that you?

Schedule a call and let’s see what we can achieve together

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Case study

Most recently I’ve overseen the operations of a software development agency based in Ghana, remotely, from day 0 → start up → scale up.

As COO, I have been hands-on – specifically within operations and finance – from end-to-end:

Business transformation
I over 10x’ed the operational capacity of the company, remotely, ensuring operations was never the bottleneck.

ARR grew from £350,000 → £5.5m in two years.

Building a team for the future
Hired a leadership team and operational associates in Ghana, who now independently run the day-to-day operations of the business

Systems and processes
I have implemented key operational and financial systems, providing the infrastructure the business runs on.

I have embedded process documentation as a foundation of everything we do in operations. Each team member prioritises it, ensuring nobody is a single point of failure.

Budgets, cashflow and cost management
I’ve managed the budgets and cashflow from when we had a runway of a few days, all the way up to having cash reserves of over £1m. I’m able to quickly and accurately analyse data, which has led to tight budgetary control and cashflow management.

I work as the go-between our leadership and accounting firm, essentially acting as a CFO when required. I come from a finance background so am able to understand and translate what our accounting firm says, delivering it in the most effective way for the leadership team, and vice versa.

Financial accounting
I have overseen everything from invoicing and bookkeeping to the auditing of the accounts, in both the UK and Ghana.

Contract execution
I’ve overseen the contract negotiations between the company and large-multinational conglomerates. I play the role of mediator between legal teams and leadership, knowing when to push, concede and compromise.

I’m able to interpret what lawyers say and are asking for, providing accurate, specific and clear feedback. This saves time and money and ensures contracts get signed in a timely manner.

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